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Published 2012-01-24

Be2bill, the first payment solution dedicated to e-commerce and to optimising online transactions

Paris, 24 January 2012 - Rentabiliweb, 10 year experience in audience monetization on the Internet and one of the main French publishers of entertainment websites, is now announcing the launch of be2bill: the first optimised payment solution dedicated to e-commerce.

Anticipating the end of the banking monopoly on payment services, Rentabiliweb, the 1st Internet pure-player approved by Banque de France, is launching be2bill during the e-Marketing Paris 2012 trade fair (Palais des Congrès – Stand N° C49).

In January 2011, Rentabiliweb Europe received its final approval as a payment institution, from the French Prudential Control Authority (Autorité de Controle Prudentiel) and Banque de France. Since June 2011, the company has been the only payment Institution – sub-participant of the BPCE Group (Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne) - to be a member of the Groupement Cartes Bancaires (French Card Association).

The end of a monopoly

“For the first time since the announced market deregulation and the end of the banking monopoly on online collection services, e-merchants can now optimise their card-based transactions and entrust them to a web and Internet marketing specialist. The challenge is not only to build an audience base and generate traffic, but first and foremost to take full control of one’s conversion tunnel and to analyse the data relative to a purchasing process. Our approach is clearly innovative. It places the payment action at the centre of the optimisation that tends to increase turnover, increase transaction security and build customers loyalty and potential prospects,” indicates Thibaut Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, Chairman of Rentabiliweb Europe.

A 3 in 1 solution

A Rentabiliweb Europe brand and subsidiary of Rentabiliweb Group, be2bill provides e-retailers with a “3 in 1” solution for the management of their online payments:

- traditional banking services providing MIDs and compensation

- PSP (Payment Service Provider) services, capable of hosting, securing and carrying out online transactions;

- web agency services, setting up specific Internet-based loyalty-building programmes and data analytics.

“Web expert, bank outstanding”

“Our ambition is not to create a new and so-called alternative means of payment, but rather to offer a white label in order to optimise and secure the preferred payment method used by cyber-shoppers: payment cards. With be2bill, the e-merchant is sure to reduce both his risk level and claims rate, while also increasing his turnover, all as part of a service that minimises banking fees and provides true added value to something that had previously been considered as a simple commodity”, adds Philippe Bontemps, General Manager of Rentabiliweb Europe.

For be2bill, online payment systems cannot be dissociated from marketing and customer knowledge. As such, to allow the cyber-retailer to take full control of his conversion tunnel, be2bill offers a series of tools to customise his payment page and analyse data relative to purchase process: A/B testing of the “landing pages”, creation of “geo-targeted” multi-currency and multi-language pages that can be adapted in real-time, one-click payment, etc. A range of modules and options that contributes to increasing sales and improving knowledge about your customer.

On March 30th 2012, Rentabiliweb Group will present the 2011 annual results. On that occasion, Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier will make an assessment on the first signed contracts and will precise the forecasted financial results for the current year.

The press kit for the be2bill launch can be obtained from the press department

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* Payment establishment authorised by law to provide payment services within the meaning of article L314-1 II of the French Monetary and Financial Code, notably categories 3 and 5.

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