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Published 2011-08-10

Rentabiliweb Group, supporting its shareholders, during the current worldwide financial crisis

Brussels, August 10th, 2011

Rentabiliweb Group announced that it will multiply by 10 the amount of dividends in 2011 compared to what has been paid in 2010.The 2011 dividend will represent around 40 cents per share.

Furthermore, in order to support its shareholders, the Board of Directors decided that an advance on dividend of several millions will be paid before the end of this fiscal year. Date and exact amounts will be specified later on.

"From now on, Rentabiliweb will be considered both as a growth and a yield stock. Given the excellent financial structure of our Group, with strong increase, with no debt and wide cash in bank, the board of Directors, on my proposal, voted this afternoon a significant distribution of dividends under the year 2011 to support our loyal shareholders in this global financial crisis". Said Jean-Baptiste Descroix- Vernier, President of the Group. This decision is part of a new dividend policy established by a growing group.

In 2010, Rentabiliweb reported revenues increasing by 37.6%, with a 39.4% increase of its EBITDA.

The Group received, in last January, the official agreement from the Bank of France, as a payment institution, and has joined the “French Credit Card association” (GIE) in June 2011. Business outlook for future revenues and profits is being provided to reflect the underlying dynamics of this business for the coming years.

Rentabiliweb is one of the few listed companies on NYSE Euronext, with no debt.

In addition, the Group reaffirms be perfectly in line with its development plan in terms of activity, profitability and cash flow generation.