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Rentabiliweb launches 2 online poll and survey tools

Published 2010-10-06

With Conso Client and Panel&Co!, Rentabiliweb is providing more customer acquisition tools, and strengthening the performance of its direct marketing solutions

On the strength of its expertise in marketing database management and performance-based customer acquisition, Rentabiliweb is now offering advertisers leading-edge solutions to win over new customers and make their advertising investments more profitable, thanks to the simultaneous launch of two online poll and survey tools, Conso Client and Panel&Co!

These two new solutions help to gain deeper knowledge of Internet shoppers, to target and contact prospects in order to enhance the value of advertisers’ product ranges and to generate more sales on the Internet and portable devices.

Several highly innovative tools have been incorporated into these new products, including the means to enable shoppers to explain why they bought their items and to rate the online store.

The launch of these two online poll and survey solutions is part of Rentabiliweb’s strategy to very precisely sort and classify its databases down to the finest detail and boost the quality of the services offered exclusively to members of its Internet loyalty programs.

Conso Client Rentabiliweb Panel&Co Rentabiliweb

Consistent with its strategy of offering a one-stop audience monetization solution, Rentabiliweb is innovating in the fields of prospect conversion and customer behavior profiling by inventing new ways of interacting with online consumers,” explained Corinne Chatal, Vice President of Rentabiliweb Group. “Thanks to Rentabiliweb, advertisers have a full arsenal of high-performance tools to better understand their customers and generating loyalty. By combining behavioral analysis with collection of user reviews and opinions, we provide the ideal mix for understanding and anticipating the behavior of online shoppers and Web users.

While only in their pre-launch phases, Conso Client and Panel&Co! managed to rally prestigious advertisers including Sarenza, Daniel Jouvance and the Voyage Privé Group’s Officiel des Vacances, an online travel agency.

All of the Group’s partners and subsidiaries will benefit from the financial impact of these two new online solutions, most notably Mailorama, France’s leader on the Cash Back market with 1.5 million geotargeted online shoppers, 60% of whom are women and 90% of whom belong to medium and high income categories.